United States Power Squadrons

Course Listing




Boating Course                                                Advanced Grade Courses

          America's Boating Course 3rd Edition                Seamanship (S)

Boat Operator Certification                                          Piloting (P)

          Inland Navigator (IN) BOC.html                         Advanced Piloting (AP)

Seminar Series Seminar.html                                      Junior Navigation (JN)

          Advanced Powerboat Handling                          Navigation (N)

          Anchoring                                               Elective Courses Elective.html

          Basic Coastal Navigation                                  Cruise Planning (CP)

          Boat Handling Under Power                              Engine Maintenance (EM)

          Boating on Rivers, Locks and Lakes                  Instructor Development (ID)

          How to Use a Chart                                          Marine Electrical Systems (MES)

          Hurricanes and Boats                                        Marine Communication Systems (MCS)

          Knots, Bends, and Hitches                                Marine Electronics (ME) 101, 102, &103 

          Marine Radar                                                      Marine Navigation

          Mastering the Rules of the Road                       Weather (Wx) 2008

          Onboard Weather Forecasting                             Sail (Sa) 2009

          Paddle Smart                                                  

          Partner in Command                             

          Sail Trim                           


          Using GPS                                  

          Using VHF & VHF/DSC Marine Radio               ___________________________________________________________________________